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Carbonaceous material in S-type Xihuashan granite

Yishan Zeng, Yongfeng Zhu, Jiaqi Liu
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 35, No. 3, P. 145-153, 2001


In order to verify the presence of residual organic matter in some S-type granites, a method used conventionally in petroleum geochemistry for isolation of kerogen was employed to separate carbonaceous material (CM) from the Xihuashan granite, Jiangxi Prov., China. Optical, XRD and SEM/EDAX analyses identified the acid-insoluble residue as mainly composed of various mineral debris, with a minor carbonaceous fraction found in the residue. LMR and micro-FTIR studies showed that the residue contained a small amount of CM, which is heterogeneous in composition and structural state. The occurrence of CM in the granite implies that this granitic magma originated from sediments and crystallized at relatively lower temperatures and high pressures. This deduction is consistent with geological and geochemical studies of the Xihuashan granite. A tentative model was suggested which connects CM in S-type granite with organic matter in sedimentary rocks. The conditions under which CM can be preserved in S-type granite are discussed. The occurrence of some heavy hydrocarbons is expected in the Xihuashan granite.

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