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Iron-wollastonite from skarns and its stability relation in the CaSiO3-CaFeSi2O6 join

Hidehiko Shimazaki, Takamitsu Yamanaka
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 7, No. 2, P. 67-79, 1973


Iron-wollastonites from skarns have an approximate composition of Ca5FeSi6-O18. Iron-wollastonites and ordinary wollastonites from the Kagata mine are associated with clinopyroxenes of hedenbergite and ferrosalite compositions, respectively. This fact could be interpreted as that a miscibility gap exists between iron-wollastonite of Ca5FeSi6-O18 composition and ordinary wollastonite. Thus iron-wollastonite of Ca5FeSi6-O18 composition appears to be a stable phase in the CaSiO3-CaFeSi2O6 join at temperatures as low as those of the skarn formation, probably 300°∼600°C.

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