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Effect of CaCO3 (aragonite) saturation state of seawater on calcification of Porites coral

Shigeru Ohde, Mirza M. Mozaffar Hossain
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 38, No. 6, P. 613-621, 2004


Using living corals collected from Okinawan coral reefs, laboratory experiments were performed to investigate the relationship between coral calcification and aragonite saturation state (Ω) of seawater at 25°C. Calcification rate of a massive coral Porites lutea cultured in a beaker showed a linear increase with increasing Ωaragonite values (1.08–7.77) of seawater. The increasing trend of calcification rate (c) for Ω is expressed as an equation, c = aΩ + b (a, b: constants). When Ω was larger than ∼4, the coral samples calcified during nighttime, indicating an evidence of dark calcification. This study strongly suggests that calcification of Porites lutea depends on Ω of ambient seawater. A decrease in saturation state of seawater due to increased pCO2 may decrease reef-building capacity of corals through reducing calcification rate of corals.


coral, calcification, aragonite, saturation state, cultured experiment

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