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Constraints on the evolutionary history of aluminous mafic rocks in the Ronda peridotite massif (Spain) from trace-element compositions of clinopyroxene and garnet

Geochemical Journal, Vol. 43, No. 3, P. 191-206, 2009


Multiple trace-element compositions of clinopyroxene and garnet in aluminous mafic layers (±corundum and/or sapphirine) alternating with peridotites from the Ronda massif, Spain, were determined by an ArF 193 nm excimer laser system coupled with a quadrupole ICP-MS. The studied aluminous mafic rock is divided into several sublayers based on the modal mineral variations. Trace-element compositions of minerals vary between sublayers. Primitive mantle-normalized trace-element distribution patterns have more significant positive Eu anomaly for both garnet and clinopyroxene in the corundum-bearing sublayers than for those in the other sublayers whereas corundum-bearing sublayers contain more abundant secondary plagioclase than corundum-free sublayers. These geochemical signatures of the corundum-bearing sublayers intercalated with corundum-free sublayers were acquired as plagioclase-rich portions of gabbroic layered sequence originated at the lower crustal to the uppermost mantle sections rather than selective accumulation of metamorphic plagioclase due to deformation during the late stage of exhumation of the massif. Partition coefficients of trace elements between clinopyroxene and garnet show systematic variations with respect to major element composition, indicating local attainment of chemical equilibrium. The trace element compositions of clinopyroxene and garnet were equilibrated with secondary metamorphic plagioclase, i.e., at granulite-facies conditions, because plagioclase is required for the geochemical balance in Sr and Eu contents of the whole-rock trace element compositions. Positive Eu anomaly of clinopyroxene (±garnet) is also found in mantle-derived aluminous eclogitic xenoliths and eclogitic mineral inclusions in diamond captured in kimberlites, and is thus a useful indicator to explore recycled crustal components in the mantle.


trace-element, clinopyroxene, garnet, eclogite, Ronda, granulite

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