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Use of hydrogeochemistry and environmental isotopes for groundwater characterisation in Morsott–El Aouinet basin, Northeastern Algeria

Geochemical Journal, Vol. 45, No. 2, P. 87-96, 2011


Due to its history, development of its hydrologic regime, recharge-discharge mechanisms, geologic formations and development of its hydrodynamic pattern, the groundwater resources of the Morsott–El Aouinet basin show a very wide range of chemistries. In this paper, the groundwater hydrochemistries are studied through well sampling from study area. Hydrochemical and members are identified and the sources of water salinization are defined. It was found that the evaporites within the Triassic rocks are the main contributors to the salinization of groundwater. The ionic speciation and mineral dissolution/precipitation was calculated by WATEQF package software. The increase in salinity is related to the dissolution and/or precipitation processes during the water-rock interaction and to the cationic exchange reactions between groundwater and clay minerals. The isotopic analysis of some groundwater samples shows a similarity with the meteoric waters, which reflects their short residence time and a lowest evaporation phenomenon of infiltrated groundwater.


triassic, aquifer, salinity, isotopes, Morsott–El Aouinet, Algeria

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