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Determination of age and source constraints for the Bake quartz vein-type gold deposit in SE Guizhou using arsenopyrite Re-Os chronology and REE characteristics

Jiasheng Wang, Hanjie Wen, Chao Li, Xiaojun Jiang, Chuanwei Zhu, Shengjiang Du, Lei Zhang
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 49, No. 1, P. 73-81, 2015


The Bake quartz vein-type gold deposit is one of the most well-known gold deposits in SE Guizhou. The mineralization age of auriferous arsenopyrite determined using Re-Os chronology is 412 ± 21 Ma (MSWD = 2.6), which is in good agreement with the regional-scale geologic evidence and confirms that the Caledonian was an important gold metallogenetic period in the Xuefeng region. Contrastingly, the high initial 187Os/188Os ratio (2.7 ± 1.2) suggests a crustal source for the ore-forming material of the deposit. Furthermore, the REE patterns, Eu/Eu*, Ce/Ce* and Y/Ho ratios of the arsenopyrites are all similar to those of the wall rocks, indicating that the ore was perhaps derived from the wall rocks belonging to the Xiajiang Group.


Re-Os, REE, arsenopyrite, Bake, quartz vein-type gold deposit

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