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High-precision in situ analysis of Pb isotopes in melt inclusions by LA-ICP-MS and application of Independent Component Analysis

Morihisa Hamada, Jun-Ichi Kimura, Qing Chang, Takeshi Hanyu, Takayuki Ushikubo, Kenji Shimizu, Motoo Ito, Takahiro Ozawa, Hikaru Iwamori
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 52, No. 1, P. 69-74, 2018


We report a high-precision 206Pb-based lead isotope composition of olivine-hosted melt inclusions in basaltic rocks from Rarotonga Island, Polynesia, in the southern Pacific, using femtosecond laser ablation (FsLA)-multiple Faraday collector-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (MFC-ICP-MS). This improved method enables high-precision analysis of Pb isotopes from low-Pb (≤10 ppm) melt inclusions with a crater size of ~30 μm in diameter and depth. The small crater size allows for further analysis of major and trace elements from the same melt inclusions using FsLA-sector field (SF)-ICP-MS. Using Pb isotope ratios of two olivine-hosted melt inclusions, we suggest that the mantle source beneath Rarotonga Island is heterogeneous. Such identification becomes possible owing to high-precision in situ analysis of Pb isotopes in melt inclusions and application of statistical approaches such as Independent Component Analysis to the analytical data.


Rarotonga Island, ocean island basalt, Pb isotope, laser ablation ICP-MS, Independent Component Analysis

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