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Copper isotopic fractionation during adsorption on manganese oxide: Effects of pH and desorption

Yuta Ijichi, Takeshi Ohno, Shuhei Sakata
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 52, No. 2, P. e1-e6, 2018


We report new results for Cu2+ adsorption on δ-MnO2 and the resulting changes in Cu isotopic composition due to isotopic fractionation. The adsorption experiments were designed as a pH series (3.22–6.94) and an adsorption-desorption series. 63Cu adsorbs preferentially on δ-MnO2, and the degree of isotopic fractionation is 0.45 ± 0.18‰ (2σ, n = 12). Preferential desorption of 65Cu from δ-MnO2 was also observed. The isotopic data are consistent with a closed isotopic equilibrium model, and the degree of fractionation indicates no systematic variation with pH or reaction time. Previously reported extended X-ray absorption fine structure study predicted the preferential adsorption of 65Cu on δ-MnO2, because of the formation of Cu2+ surface complexes (with 3–4 ligands) from dissolved Cu2+ (with 5 ligands); however, the opposite was observed in this study. The equilibrium in isotopic fractionation is affected by the bonding environment; hence, we suggest that dissolved Cu2+ species have a stronger bond than adsorbed ones.


manganese oxide, adsorption, non-traditional isotope, Cu isotope fractionation, desorption

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