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Elemental and isotopic signatures of individual particles in chondrite matrix using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Kanoko Kurihara, Norika Numa, Sota Niki, Mai Akamune, Masaki Nakazato, Shuji Yamashita, Shoichi Itoh, Takafumi Hirata
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 57, No. 5, P. e9-e16, 2023


Elemental and isotopic analyses of individual submicron-sized particles in chondrite matrix were made by an inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometer (ICP-TOF-MS) and a multiple collector ICP-MS equipped with high-time-resolution ion counters (HTR-MC-ICP-MS). The particles were collected from Allende CV3 chondrite through a laser ablation-in-liquid (LAL) technique. Firstly, the abundances for four major elements (Si, Al, Mg, and Fe) were determined on total 6086 particles, indicating that the Allende matrix is a mixture of submicron-sized particles made mainly of olivine, pyroxene, spinel, Fe–Ni sulfide, and Fe–Ni metal, consistent with the predicted major constituent minerals by a nebular condensation model. The major elemental compositions revealed that Fe–Ni particles are minor components (about 0.3% in number fraction) in the Allende matrix. Then, to estimate the origin of these metallic particles, abundances for Ni and two minor elements (Os and Pt) were measured. Total 10417 particles of Ni–Os–Pt bearing particles were also found in the chondrite matrix. Majority of the particles were enriched in Ni. Os and Pt were present as separated particles, and no particles with presence of both the Os and Pt were found. Finally, with the HTR-MC-ICP-MS technique, 195Pt/194Pt value was measured on total 1545 particles. The resulting 195Pt/194Pt values agree with the solar composition within analytical uncertainties. This lack in isotopic anomalies of the 195Pt/194Pt can be explained either by majority of the Pt nuggets being produced from uniform reservoir in the solar system or by Pt being isotopically homogenized prior to the formation of the solar nebula.


Keywords: chondrite matrix, Allende chondrite, individual particle analysis, ICP-TOF-MS, HTR-MC-ICP-MS

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