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Geochemically possible condensation of hydrogen cyanide in the presence of divalent metal compounds

Seiji Yuasa, Masahiro Ishigami
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 11, No. 4, P. 247-252, 1977


Polycondensation of HCN was investigated using divalent metal compounds such as MgO and MgCO3 which are available in the earth and in extraterrestrial bodies, e.g. chondrites. It was known that the above compounds were effective for the condensation of HCN and played the same catalytic function as ammonia. In the present system, the reaction product mixture gave diaminomaleonitrile and heterocyclic compounds in addition to amino acids. This paper is intended to propound a possible geochemical aspect of such catalytic compounds in an abiotic synthesis of organic compounds.

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