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D/H and 18O/16O fractionation factors in evaporation of water at 60 and 80°C

Osamu Matsubaya, Hitoshi Sakai
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 12, No. 2, P. 121-126, 1978


The isotopic fractionation factors in evaporation of water at 60° and 80°C were determined from the isotopic ratios of water under steady-state balance between inflow and evaporation. The results at 60° and 80°C are 1.0501 ± 0.0029 and 1.0431 ± 0.0022 for H2O/HDO and 1.0176 ± 0.0010 and 1.0156 ± 0.0008 for H216O/H218O, respectively. Oyunuma, isotopically the heaviest geothermal pond in Japan, is enriched by 40.3‰ in D/H and by 16.5 ‰ in 18O/16O, respectively, relative to its meteoric inflow and may be a natural example of such steady-state evaporation pans.

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