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D/H ratios of hornblende, epidote and white mica from some mafic metamorphic rocks in Japan

Yoshimasu Kuroda, Tetsuro Suzuoki, Sadao Matsuo, Hitoshi Onuki, Nobuhide Murakami, Tomoyasu Kinugawa
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4, P. 213-221, 1978


The D/H ratios of hornblendes, epidotes, zoisites and white micas in the epidote-amphibolites from four localities in Japan have been determined together with the chemical compositions. The order of enrichment for deuterium in these minerals is as follows: epidote > white mica > hornblende > zoisite. A quite different situation for D/H ratios between coexisting zoisite and epidote is pointed out.

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