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Integral natures of rare-earth bulk patterns and partition coefficient functions

Akimasa Masuda
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4, P. 245-251, 1978


When serial integers are allotted to REE corresponding to differences in their atomic numbers, markedly integral natures emerge for REE patterns of bulk rocks and for effective partition coefficient functions experimentally obtained. In addition, emphasis is placed on the skipping appearance of breaking position from an integer to another one and on ladder-like internal discontinuity of REE partitioning. These observations remind us of a kind of quantum effect. To account for those integral and simply linear features, a bulk-controlling transient stage is suggested to precede development of mineral assemblage as eventually observed in nature. Also it is suggested that the partial solidification and the partial melting cannot always stand in mutually reversible relation in effect.

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