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Isotopic composition of volcanic native sulfur from Japan

Akira Ueda, Hitoshi Sakai, Akira Sasaki
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 13, No. 6, P. 269-275, 1979


Some 140 native sulfur samples from 44 localities of Japan show a wide variation of δ34S(CDT) ranging from -9 to +7 ‰. Average δ34S value for the most representative native sulfur of this country is about -4‰. Distinct regional variation exists in the isotopic data. Native sulfur from West Japan tends to show greater δ34S values than from East Japan. This trend is likely to be correlated with the isotopic trend of the source volcanic gas system. However, whether or not the trend represents the isotopic variability in source magma is not clear at the moment.

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