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Time scales inferred from the cosmochronometers iodine-129, plutonium-244 and aluminum-26

P. K. Kuroda
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 13, No. 6, P. 291-295, 1979


The r-process-like isotopic anomalies observed in Ba, Nd, and Sm from the Allende inclusions EK1-4-1 and Cl can be explained as due to an ‘early’ irradiation of the solar system material, which also produced radionuclides such as 26Al, 107Pd and 129I. The apparent conflict between the time scales inferred from the cosmochronometers 119I, 244Pu and 26Al reported by LEE et al. (1978) stems from the fact that these investigators have attempted to explain the isotopic anomalies in terms of a wholesale addition of the nucleosynthesis products from nearby stars to the solar nebula.

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