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An interpretation of the structures of mantle minerals at high pressure in terms of interionic forces

Masamichi Miyamoto, Hiroshi Takeda
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 14, No. 5, P. 243-248, 1980


The energy minimization program WMIN of BUSING (1970) has been applied to predict the crystal structures of mantle minerals at high pressure. The repulsive parameters, ionic radius Ai and softness parameter Bi (ionic compressibility) to be used in the predictions are evaluated for Mg2+, Si4+, Al3+, Ca2+, Fe2+ and O2- ions by employing the cell dimensions and atomic coordinates of α-Mg2SiO4(olivine), Fe2SiO4 (fayalite), MgAl2O4(spinel) and CaMgSi2O6(diopside) determined at one atm. These parameters were then used to predict the u-parameter of γ-Mg2SiO4(spinel) by the energy minimization method of WMIN. The u-parameter, 0.3685 was obtained for the observed cell parameter a(=8.0649A). The method and the parameters will be applied to predict other stable minerals in Earth's mantle.

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