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Measurements of heat flow in gases in the centrifugal force field

Kunihiko Kigoshi
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 14, No. 6, P. 259-267, 1980


In order to make clear the thermal status of gases in the force field, the heat flow in gases under the centrifugal force corresponding to 2, 500g was measured. The heat flow was measured by the temperature change in two metal blocks inlaid in plastics placed in the centrifuge separation tube. The face of the blocks is directed to opposite of the center of rotation. Information on the temperature in two metal blocks was received as the frequency of light pulses from the center of rotation of centrifuge. The observed temperature variations in the two metal blocks seem to show the existence of heat flow in gases in the centrifugal force field at uniform temperature. This result supports the view that in gases in the gravitational field, there must be a thermal gradient along the force field in the equilibrium state.

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