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Characterization of young kerogen in a lacustrine sediment by alkaline potassium permanganate oxidation

Tsutomu Machihara, Ryoshi Ishiwatari
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 14, No. 6, P. 279-288, 1980


The insoluble organic matter (young kerogen) in a surface sediment from Lake Haruna was subjected to alkaline permanganate oxidation. The young kerogen was easily degraded under the mild condition and relatively large amounts of CO2 and acid-insoluble material (alkali-soluble but precipitated in acid-solution) were generated at the early stages of the oxidation. The major oxidation products determined by GC-MS were aliphatic α, ω-dicarboxylic acids (C5-C16). Benzene carboxylic acids (mono, di and tri) and aliphatic monocarboxylic acids (C8-C18) were also detected in minor amounts. The yield of polymethylene chains (C5-C18) was 1.6% of the original kerogen. A hypothetical structure of the young kerogen was deduced from results obtained.

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