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Sr/Ca-Ba/Ca systematics in four volcanoes of Oshima, Izu Islands, Japan

Naoki Onuma, Masataka Hirano, Naoki Isshiki
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 15, No. 6, P. 315-324, 1981


Ca, Sr and Ba contents of various volcanic rocks from four volcanoes (Okata, Gyojanoiwaya, Fudeshima and Oshima) in Oshima, Izu Islands, Japan, have been determined by an inductively coupled plasmaoptical emission spectrometry. In a Sr/Ca-Ba/Ca diagram, three older volcanoes (Okata, Gyojanoiwaya and Fudeshima) gave the same Sr/Ca-Ba/Ca systematics, while younger volcano (Oshima) showed a different Sr/Ca-Ba/Ca systematics. The two different systematics seem to have branched off from a common precursor, suggesting that the primary magma was the same in terms of degree of partial melting of “mantle materials”, but crystal fractionation process in “magma chamber” was different.

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