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D/H fractionation between water and the melts of quartz, K-feldspar, albite and anorthite at high temperature and pressure

Yoshimasu Kuroda, Yu Hariya, Tetsuro Suzuoki, Sadao Matsuo
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2, P. 73-78, 1982


Quartz, K-feldspar, albite and anorthite were equilibrated with water vapor in Pt capsules at 20kb and in the temperature range from 800 to 1, 300°C. The water in the capsules during the high temperature and pressure run seems to exist in two states, aqueous fluid and dissolved water (structural water) in the melt. In the process of extracting these waters, four kinds of water were distinguished experimentally: 1) Water extracted by puncturing the capsule in vacuum, 2) Water released from bubbles in quenched products, i.e., glasses, during grinding in an agate mortar, 3) Water extracted from pulverized product in evacuation process at room temperature, and 4) Water extracted in vacuum at high temperature. D/H ratios of waters of 1), 3) and 4) were measured. Taking water 4) to be dissolved water in melt, the fractionation factors between this and other waters from aqueous fluid were estimated. Deuterium is enriched in the dissolved water for albite and K-feldspar melts, D/H is almost the same for the aqueous fluid and dissolved water in the anorthite melt, and deuterium is much depleted in the dissolved water in the quartz melt.

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