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Variations in N2/Ar and He/Ar ratios of gases from some volcanic areas in Northeastern Japan

Yasuhiro Kiyosu
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 19, No. 5, P. 275-281, 1986


Fumarolic and geothermal well gases from several volcanic areas in Northeastern Japan have been examined for the N2/Ar and He/Ar ratios. The N2/Ar and He/Ar ratios of the gas samples are 40 to 2, 000 and 10-3 to 1, respectively, higher than those of the atmospheric air dissolved in groundwaters. The N2/Ar ratio becomes larger with increasing ratio of He to Ar. The data also show that nitrogen and helium in gases increase with increasing contribution of magmatic gas to the discharges and with decreasing contribution of groundwater. This suggests that the observed volcanic and geothermal gases may be mixtures of magmatic gas of uniform N2/Ar (≅4, 000) and He/Ar ratios (≅2) and local meteoric waters.

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