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K-Ar ages of the Izu-Bonin Islands

Ichiro Kaneoka, Naoki Isshiki, Shigeo Zashu
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, P. 53-60, 1970


Several volcanic rocks from O-shima, Kozu-shima and Hachijo jima of the Izu Islands, from Chichi jima and Haha jima of the Bonin Islands and from Iwo jima of the Iwo Islands were dated by K-Ar method. The rocks from the Izu Islands give the ages of less than 2-3 m.y., while the ages of the rocks from Chichi jima and Haha jima are about 30-40m.y. The rock from Iwo-jima indicates a very young K-Ar age of about 0.03m.y. These results confirm that there is a clear difference in age of volcanic activity between the Izu Islands and the Bonin Islands. This difference has also been suggested geologically.

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