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Origin of some gases from the Takinoue geothermal area in Japan

Yasuhiro Kiyosu, Yutaka Yoshida
Geochemical Journal, Vol. 22, No. 5, P. 183-193, 1988


Chemical and isotopic compositions were analyzed on geothermal steam from fumaroles and wells in the Takinoue geothermal area. The distribution of deuterium and oxygen-18 in water samples suggests that the fumarole steam discharge is formed from the rising geothermal fluid through a single-step steam separation process at temperatures of approximately 150∼240°C. On the basis of N2/Ar, He/Ar and CO2/N2 ratios, and δ13C values of carbon dioxide in steam, it is concluded that the gas components dissolved in the Takinoue geothermal waters are mixtures of magmatic gases and meteoric waters.

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